Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update--details regarding "grave complications"

These details were given to me from my sister-in-law who has Facebook.  Unfortunately it's not a direct quote this time so I'm a bit hesitant about posting it for fear of distorting the facts.  Pastor Wall at FaithWay in Ontario announced in their evening service that there had been no improvement since his update in their morning service.

1.  After taking Eve off many of the medications and tubes she was not responding well last night.  The doctors planned to do a CT scan today to see if there is any brain damage.
2.  Eve was responding slightly better this morning so they decided to wait on the CT scan to observe further.
3.  Need to do an ultrasound on her kidneys because her blood pressure is extremely high for her age.
4.  Not sure if this was going to happen for sure or if they were just considering it--blood pressure medication to reduce hyper-tension.
5.  Needed to collect a urine sample because there is blood in her stool and also because of the high blood pressure.  (Susan said pray that they can collect it the normal way so they will not have to give her a catheter.)
6.  Doctors are hoping the unresponsiveness is because of exhaustion and trauma.

These things were posted at 11:20 am our time.

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