Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pre-Field Ministry

Never did I comprehend the new ministry God was giving me when I left my home to begin pre-field ministry in February of this year.  God has done unspeakable things in my life.  He has polished and encouraged using so many wonderful folks along the way.  Pre-field ministry, or deputation at it is commonly known, holds many blessings as well as trials.  The Lord has given me the burden to share these blessings as well as some of the trials along the way.  I believe there are three reasons the Lord would like me to write about these things: 1) to encourage other missionaries by testifying of God's provision for us  2) to help those who pray for us to know how to pray specifically  3) to encourage those who are considering God's calling upon their lives that God is able and WILL take care of them if they will but trust and obey Him.  I pray God will use the upcoming posts to accomplish these things.