Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eve Ruby

I just received this from FaithWay Baptist Church's assistant pastor, Eric Leveille.  Please pray!!

Please pray for the Ruby family, missionaries on deputation, going to
El Salvador.  Their daughter, Evangeline (2.5 years old), is in the
hospital in serious condition.  She had a case of bacterial pneumonia
in the lungs, which could spread.  She has too much carbon dioxide in
her blood, so she was hooked up to a machine to remedy this.  However,
they had to induce paralysis to stop her from moving in order for the
treatment to be possible.

Please pray for Evangeline and for her family at this time.  She was
transported by airvac to a children's hospital in Peoria, Illinois.
Pastor and Mrs. Phil Smith (the grandparents) are on their way to
Peoria to be with them.

Thank you for praying

Update from Pastor Homan:

I am in the hospital room with Susan Ruby and Evangeline.  Evangeline seems to be responding well to treatment.  Her oxygen levels are up and she is improving.  Thank you for praying.  Please continue.

Lynn Homan 

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