Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Dreams?

When I graduated from college I was excited to fulfill our 5 year commitment to help start a new church and then go on to realize the fulfillment of our dream since starting our life together. . .to go to the Philippines as missionaries.  As the years have rolled past, God has not seen fit to allow us to go, whether yet or ever, I cannot know.  In the past week's time I have faced a time of great disappointment and wondering in my life.  Will we ever get to the people and country we love so much?  At our Victory Ladies Bible Study this weekend the Lord gave me a quote that has helped me if the Lord does not allow us to go to the Philippines.  "If we cannot be great, by God's grace we may be the means of making others great."--Herbert Lockyear  

If I accomplish nothing else in my life, I will be great if my children are great for the Lord.  I don't mean rich in material possessions, but I pray that with the Lord's help I can teach them to become great soul-winners so they may rescue people from the flames of hell and the misery of a sin-ridden life, great givers so they may in turn know the provision of their loving Heavenly Father, and great servants so they may be like their Saviour. 

Will I be great? No.  Will my children be great?  A huge part of that answer is up to me.

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