Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Goodly Heritage

We have all heard it said that we appreciate our parents more as we get older. This is so very true! Simply growing up makes us more thankful because we start to understand the sacrifices they made for us. With my parents, I have far more than provision to thank them for. I thank my parents for letting go. In my adult years I have encountered many parents who selfishly manipulate their children's lives, never heeding that God is in charge. Every step of the way that God has led me in my life, my parents have prayerfully let me go and follow the Lord. As a mom of very young children, I know I still do not comprehend how very difficult this has been for them. I do realise though that it doesn't get any easier with age. Now, my parents have grandkids that they have entrusted to the Lord. Mom and Dad, thank you for trusting God in the lives of Christopher, Nathan, Adam, and me--and now in the lives of Melissa, Rachel, Micah, Matthias, Shirley, Isaac, Caleb, and Anna. God is blessing you and will continue to bless you for your great faith. I love you!

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