Monday, July 18, 2011

Memories. . .

Well, it's official.  We are going to the Philippines.  Lord willing we will start deputation in January.  How long this has been in the coming. . .but how wonderful God is that He knows the perfect timing!!

As I have been getting rid of bags and bags of things the local charities have benefited greatly.  Particularly the ones who will come and collect me earthly belongings.  All of it is going.  Kitchen, bedrooms, living room, bathroom. . .slowly being completely emptied.  So far I have tackled the kids' room, our room and the kitchen.  Today's project was to go through papers in the filing cabinet.  Memories have been flooding me all day as I have read cards, seen handprints, and seen evidences of how God has lead us through very difficult times.  Some things are very difficult to get rid of.  Others I found my self wondering why I have been letting them have space in my house!

I have loved poetry since I was a little girl. . .reading and writing.  As I have gone through the files I have found things for which I cannot afford room, so I've decided to put them on my blog where I can go back later and find them again if I want. My hope is that while I save these passages for myself, you will receive a blessing from them too.  Thus my next several posts will be gleanings from my files.  I hope you enjoy!

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