Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Think Twice

Before you push a brother down, THINK TWICE.
Before at another's sin you frown, THINK TWICE.
For who are you in judgment hall
Your brother to the bar to call
Tomorrow you may slip and fall--THINK TWICE.

Before the stinging gibe and quip--THINK TWICE.
Lest you yourself should feel the ship--THINK TWICE.
Withhold the gossip's idle sneer,
The thrust that draws the bitter tear,
For Fortune's favoring gale and veer;  THINK TWICE.

Is charity a quickened art?  THINK TWICE
And does it thrill both hand and heart?  THINK TWICE
The mercy you to others show,
That mercy you should some day know;
With other's faults be kind, be slow--THINK TWICE.

--author unknown

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