Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mortifying the Flesh

When someone else hurts my feelings, that's my fault.  To our carnal human mind this makes no sense.  The other person did the wrong thing.  They sinned.  They are not behaving in a biblical manner.  God showed me that I am the one who is wrong when my feelings are hurt.  The Bible says that we are to mortify the flesh.  Can something that is mortified (dead) have feelings?  Simple answer--no!  So, if I mortify my flesh my feelings cannot be hurt.  This is plain and simple. . .and very difficult.  How carnal I am to allow someone's actions hurt me and begin to defeat me.  This is something the Lord has been working in my heart in the last few days.  I realised today that this even applies to the area of our lives that many people like to do too much of--eating!!  I have struggled my entire life with being over-weight.  The last few pounds I have put on were because of emotional eating due to the struggles I faced because someone hurt and frustrated me.  Last week I started Weight Watchers and lost 5 pounds.  Talk about a battle with the flesh!  I was hungry!  I wanted food!  I needed God's help.  We seem to think the only time we need to pray is when we are making big decisions, but God cares about the little choices we make in life because they are the result of a spirit-controlled or flesh-controlled life.  Sometimes I literally prayed, "Lord, I need your help not to eat that!"  I'm ashamed of the truth, but I think that if I can allow the Lord to help me to have the victory over my flesh, I will not struggle with a "weight problem".  I know that if I let the spirit control me no one can hurt my feelings.  I need God's help, the Holy Spirit's filling, so I can live a more fruitful life for my Saviour.

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